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Helping clients overcome life's many challenges for over 25 years 

Elizabeth Cessna

Success Stories

Here is what Elizabeth's clients say about their hypnotherapy experiences:

I effortly lost 25 pounds after working with Elizabeth. She helped me to unleash the power within myself. I'll never be able to thank her enough.--Formerly Unhealthy Eater

My relationship with my mother has always been difficult, to say the least.  Working with clinical hypnotherapy has made a huge difference.  There has been a lot of improvement in the way that I react to her, and that in turn, has made a big difference in how she speaks and acts toward me. Thank you.  Sarah V.

Potato chips used to call my name anytime I felt stress, I could down a huge bag and would consider opening a second one...and sometimes I did.  After clinical hypnotherapy, the overwhelming desire for those chips has been neutralized and now they are just like any other food in my kitchen.  Heather B.

Sometimes anxiety would overwhelm me to the point that my work was being negatively impacted.  After receiving hypnotherapy from Elizabeth, anxiety is no longer a problem and my productivity and relationships have also improved.  John D.

I was in an accident and experienced residual pain.  After receiving clinical hypnotherapy, my pain has been significantly reduced and Elizabeth also taught me self-hypnosis so that I can continue to manage my pain on my own.  Richard C.

I love my husband but several years ago I lost my feelings of attraction for him. We had a decent marriage, but lack of intimacy was pulling us apart from each other.  Doing some meaningful work with Elizabeth using clinical hypnotherapy has turned our marriage completely around. My feelings of passion have returned and my husband and I now experience a renewed feeling of deep emotional connection.   Emily J.