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Helping clients overcome life's many challenges for over 25 years 

Elizabeth Cessna

Elizabeth Cessna has been helping clients relieve anxiety and other issues for more than 20 years. Through Everyday Hypnotherapy, she practices EricksonianHypnotherapy, a safe and gentle treatment that has become the most popular hypnosis method for treating anxiety, fear, bad habits, and more. This practice is named after the late Milton H. Erickson M.D, one of the most influential figures in bringing the use of clinical hypnosis into the forefront of medicine and psychotherapy. The primary tenets of Erickson's approach are respect for the experiences of the client, the use of gentle suggestion rather than strong coercion, and building an atmosphere of comfort and openness that allows the client to fully relax. More broadly, clinical hypnosis is a method of communicating with the subconscious to alter a client's habits, whether mental or behavioral, so that he or she can overcome a number of obstacles including overeating, fear, stress, smoking, anxiety, relationship problems, making poor life choices, and much more.

Besides traditional Ericksonian Hypnosis sessions, Elizabeth specializes in services that set her apart from other therapists. Outside of the office, group presentations about stress and anxiety management are available for businesses, organizations, clubs, and any audience that could benefit from the topic. Her innovative use of dark chocolate as a weight-loss tool has assisted many who struggle to find a regimen that suits their needs. Along with her focus on fear and anxiety management, Elizabeth also specializes in romantic and intimacy-related issue for people of every sexual and gender identity. Every session with Everyday Hypnotherapy is safe, confidential, and judgement-free. 

To schedule your hypnotherapy session or to schedule a stress-management presentation for your business or organization, call Elizabeth Cessna at (412) 366-4929.

Client Testimonial: I love my husband but several years ago I lost my feelings of attraction for him. We had a decent marriage, but lack of intimacy was pulling us apart from each other.  Doing some meaningful work with Elizabeth using clinical hypnotherapy has turned our marriage completely around. My feelings of passion have returned and my husband and I now experience a renewed feeling of deep emotional connection.  -- Emily J.

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