Elizabeth Cessna

Want to Avoid Having a "Jerry Springer"-style Wedding?

By Elizabeth Cessna. Originally published in the Northern Connection magazine, May 2012

Anxiety gets the better part of all of us at some point in our lives, and with anxiety comes emotional chaos. This might come from the turmoil surrounding an upcoming wedding; or living with the fear that is the result of habitual procrastination; or maybe it arises because we feel “stuck” in our lives, or just can’t say “NO” to people. No matter what the source of your emotional chaos, I have a simple, practical and extremely effective process that will turn emotional chaos into calm in only three hours. Carol was a “Bridezilla” who was making everyone around her feel angry and frustrated. It didn’t help the situation when her mother kept interjecting her strong opinions and criticisms about all the decisions that Carol was making about her wedding. Carol was able to create an environment of emotional calm by learning new tools that enabled her to regain healthy control over the entire wedding planning. Susan was a person who was constantly late for everything. As a result, she felt guilty and anxious. She was a typical procrastinator. To her delight, she was able to learn techniques that brought a new calmness to her life. I specialize in helping people overcome their anxieties by teaching them, through a unique three hour process, tools that call on the strengths and skills that have been gained through your many positive life experiences. As a result, you will become more empowered in your life and you will go from being filled with emotional chaos, to feeling calm. Are you ready to make this empowering life change? 

Four Ways Hypnotherapy can Help you Change your Life

By Elizabeth Cessna. Originally published in the Northern Connection magazine, January 2012. 

The beginning of the New Year is often the time that we reflect upon our lives and become aware of what things are working for us and what things are not. This offers us the opportunity to decide what we would like to change. Perhaps we would like to become less afraid of something that stops us from experiencing life to its fullest or perhaps we would like to feel less anxious. Maybe we would like to stop procrastinating or would like to become more organized at home or at work. It might be nice to learn to interact with food in a new and healthy way, or maybe we would like to become a non-smoker. You can make the necessary changes in your life by using clinical hypnotherapy and learning selfhypnosis. At this point you might be asking yourself, “How does this work?” The answers to all of your problems or undesirable habits reside in your subconscious. You will discover these answers while sitting upright in a well lit office, and focusing your attention on all of your personal wisdom that resides within this personal subconscious. You will discover exactly what you want to change and will learn how to change it You will learn to practice self-hypnosis in order to continue reinforcing the tools that you have learned during clinical hypnotherapy. You will feel empowered as you continue using these new tools that have enabled you to make your desired changes. Are you ready to make a fresh start this New Year? Try this safe, gentle and highly effective process of making all of the life changes that will rid you of your undesirable behavior. Feel free to call me with any questions. 

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